1925 - 1954
Who would have imagined that our mastery in hardened steel was first used for "pipe clips" on the display racks of the French tobacconists? In 1925, the company will once again demonstrate its ability to adapt and launch the first hardened steel clips for the automobile industry, whose mechanical properties (spring effect) respond to the car manufacturers' concerns: speeding up the assembly of shell components.


Body shell clip

Inventors : Achille Raymond

First ARaymond™ patent for car shells. Between 1935 and 1960, millions of hardened steel components were made for attaching trim strips (Europe, USA). 


Zipper fastening

Inventors : Achille Raymond

Improvement of the system enabling a garment to be fully opened, by separating the two bands after the teeth have been released by a slider. The VITEX fastener will compete with the ECLAIR fastener.


Airtight stopper device for toothpaste tubes

Inventors : A.Raymond SCS Company (France, Grenoble)

Improvement of the sealing of airtight stopper for tubes. Today, a large number of tubes (food, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.) have a device which stems from this invention.


Door panel clip

Inventors : Otto Kutler

Removable hardened steel fastener, made with a cutting and curving press, at the rate of 80 components per vehicle. Presented to the German car manufacturers, it was produced for 25 years.

1955 - 1975
Beginning in the 60s and 70s, plastic is considered as the noble material of the future. Car manufacturers insist on using it as a solution to corrosion, vibration, weight and sealing problems. The creators and designers turn it into a fashionable material. The ARaymond Network inventors will draw their inspiration from it.