1955 - 1975
Beginning in the 60s and 70s, plastic is considered as the noble material of the future. Car manufacturers insist on using it as a solution to corrosion, vibration, weight and sealing problems. The creators and designers turn it into a fashionable material. The ARaymond Network inventors will draw their inspiration from it.


Sheet metal molding fastener

Inventors : A.Raymond Company (Germany, Lörrach)

One of the first fastenings made of plastic. Corrosion resistant and watertight part which contributes to the sound-proofing of the vehicle. Immediate success in Germany!


Watertight fastener

Inventors : Jean Perrochat

Removable, watertight and corrosion resistant fastener
for car shell trim strips.


Molding fastener clips

Inventors : Henri Poivet

Fastening of profiled strips on sheet metal. The main innovation lies in the geometry of the watertight rivet
made of plastic.


Plastic press-stud

Inventors : Alain Raymond, Henri Poivet

PLASTICLAC range. Its geometry gives it an elasticity which means it can be fastened and unfastened with great regularity. A very large number of textile applications.


Swivel clips

Inventors : Heinrich Overhoff

Fastening principle which enables cables or tubes to be positioned in the desired direction. Automobile application: fastening of the electric cables in the engine compartment.

1975 - 1999
Clip fastening adapts to new technology and environmental standards. The mastery of assembly techniques and materials gives rise to new expertise: fluid connectors and structural bonding.