1975 - 1999
Clip fastening adapts to new technology and environmental standards. The mastery of assembly techniques and materials gives rise to new expertise: fluid connectors and structural bonding.


Fastening nut with with centering tab

Inventors : Otto Kutler

Improvement of the performance of nuts for sheet metal widely used on automobile shells.
Does not scratch the paint.


Threaded stud fastening

Inventors : Günther Worker

Facilitates mounting in center of sheet metal by pressing on the axis of the stud. Dismantling by unscrewing. Automobile applications: support of fuel or hydraulic fluid
pipes under the vehicle.


Brackets for tubular components
of varying diameters

Inventors : Guy André

The elastic retaining tabs hold cables and tubes of varying diameters. Clip fastenings for tubular components.


Gripping connector

Inventors : Erminio Moretti

Removable connector for smooth plastic pipes. 1st generation of gripping connectors made for a French car manufacturer between 1993 and 2007, at the rate
of 3,300,000 components.


Locking clip

Inventors : Guy André

Made out of 2 identical plastic parts which fit into each other to form a one-piece clip which holds metal tubes very firmly. This system reduces vibrations. Application: diesel engines.


Snap-on connector

Inventors : Erminio Moretti

Plastic connector incorporating a lock which deforms elastically to snap onto the tip. Dismantling by manual pressure. Applications: fuel systems, cooling systems, etc.


ARaypointe XL pin

Inventors : Bernd Mutz, Klaus Hullmann, Helmo Daler

Metal pin which is nailed into a wooden, cardboard or plaster panel. Enables a heavy object to be fastened to the panel.


TEDDY fastener strips

Inventors : Jean-Claude Pommier

Fastening system in two ultra-thin parts sewn directly onto fabric. Applications on clothing worn next to the skin which needs to be soft (sports garments, women's lingerie, etc.).


TECHBOND® structural bonding

Inventors : Hans-Jürgen Lesser

The fastening's bonding surface is coated with an adhesive substance, inert at normal temperature and reactivated in a few seconds by applying heat. Application on glass, aluminum, steel.


Silentbloc tube clips

Inventors : A.Raymond company (Germany. Lörrach)

Designed in thermoplastic polymer foam, they absorb vibrations when hydraulic brake fluid is being carried. Universal use and billions of applications.


Coating process for bonding surfaces

Inventors : Michel Brémont

Coating of glue in a solid state on the surface of the object to be stuck. By heat activation, the adhesive substance melts and polymerizes. Application on all surfaces including glass and aluminum as a substitute for welding.


Windshield washer nozzles

Inventors : Hans-Jürgen Lesser, Mathias Hänsel

Plastic component consisting of a box connected to a fluid feeder hose. Application: projection of fluid onto a windshield or rear window.

2000 - 2015
To industrialize ideas, useful ideas are needed. Innovation opens up all the markets and creates original, intelligent, functional systems that facilitate assembly operations and take the environment into account.