2000 - 2015
To industrialize ideas, useful ideas are needed. Innovation opens up all the markets and creates original, intelligent, functional systems that facilitate assembly operations and take the environment into account.


High-pressure snap-on connector

Inventors : Erminio Moretti, Albert Raymond,
Daniel Martin-Cocher

This connector provides a connection under pressure of over 600 bars. Used for hydraulic systems (brakes, power steering) on motor vehicles or mass-produced machinery. 


Suspension clip

Inventors : Daniel Boville

The originality of the Tiger Clip® lies in the geometry of its two anchor grips which can take up variations in the thickness of the clip of several millimeters. Applications in the building industry, for the installation of false ceilings and the suspension of cable ducts.


RayTOOL® fastening gun

Inventors : Hans-Jürgen Lesser, Martin Büsch, Patrice Burg

Assembly gun for the continuous fitting of fastening clips.
The advantages are considerable: increased productivity, reduction of process and logistics costs.


Flexible wire unwinding device
for climbing plants

Inventors : Miquel Massaguer Agullo

Supports the quick growth of climbing plants. This method helps to increase the yield of cultivated areas under glass.


Cage in a body principle

Inventors : Stephane Gelibert, Guillaume Belle

Stopper device for sterile bottles for pharmaceutical laboratories. Completely plastic capping solution.
An alternative to aluminum, RayDylyo® removes the crimping step for liquid and freeze-dried forms.


Fastening of solar modules

Inventors : Brian C. Cheung, Luc Dupont

Made from one single piece, the PowAR Snap® 90B enables framed solar modules to be fastened by simply clipping onto a standard rail. Easy and quicker assembly.


Shape memory alloy valve

Inventors : Nicholas JACKSON

Open or closed valve which moves from one state to the other thanks to a metal alloy wire spring, which changes shape according to the external temperature. The use of such an alloy simplifies the design of products like the valves which use electric actuators for the same function.