5 generations of entrepreneurs

7,250 employees

150 years of innovation

The international growth of the ARaymond Network over the past forty years has led to a five-fold increase in the number of employees. As well as their industrial success, the managers are proud to be surrounded by talented and motivated men and women, who all share the same values of respect and collaboration.

Growth of workforce over 5 generations

  • 1865 - Company is founded
    Grenoble: 3 partners
  • 1913 - Commercial success of the press-stud
    Grenoble: 400 employees / Lörrach: 50 employees
  • ​1950 - The industrial revival
    Grenoble: 700 employees / Lörrach: 130 employees
  • ​1980 - The beginning of internationalization
    A.Raymond Group: 1,000 employees
  • ​2015 - A global collaborative network
    ARaymond Network: 5 500 employees

I appreciate the work atmosphere because there is real respect between employees and management.


Machine operator,
ARaymond Germany

I’m happy to see that people have learned something and are using their knowledge to do a better job.


Process technician,
ARaymond Brazil

Everyone who has the desire and makes effort can be trained and promoted in ARaymond China.


In charge of QC assembly,
ARaymond China

Industrial excellence require precision, creativity, quality, innovation, good management and customer focus.


Mechanic and maintenance engineer,
ARaymond Tinnerman, Hamilton, Canada

I enjoy helping others and solving critical problems, thus contributing to the business of the company.


IT specialist,

The thing I appreciate most in the collaboration between colleagues, allowing us to be flexible and versatile in the roles we play in all our shop floor activities.


ARaymond Italy

There’s a great atmosphere at work and colleagues feel like they’re part of one big family.


Die Setter,
ARaymond Tinnerman (USA)