Achille Raymond

The captain of industry

1914 - 1918

The First World War

Press-studs find a new market with military equipment.
Achille Raymond starts manufacturing primers and small shells.The men are called up to fight and are replaced by women workers who meet the challenge.The Lörrach factory is requisitioned by the German authorities.


The company's survival

The international glove market emerges from this war substantially reduced. Achille Raymond diversifies production with eyelets, rivets and turnstiles as well as unusual products such as pipe clips, tie clips, thimbles, etc.


Creation of the VITEX zipper

The A.Raymond Factory returns to its pre-war level.
First hardened steel fasteners and beginning of the
production of the VITEX zipper which will be made
for 40 years. 


Marius Conil

Manager of the German factory from 1925 to 1933, then sales manager of the French company, in the 50s he was one of the architects of the conversion to the automobile market.


Jean Perrochat

He succeeds Marius Conil at Lörrach and will be a key figure in the revival of the German company, in 1946.
He will run the company until 1975. 


First patent for a hardened steel clip

For trim fastenings on automobile shells.

1939 - 1945

The Second World War

In 1939, the Lörrach factory falls under German authority as "enemy property". In France, Achille Raymond is faced with mobilization. His son Albert-Victor, an officer attached to a British regiment, manages to escape from a camp where
he is being held prisoner. Achille Raymond dies in 1941.
Albert-Victor then takes up the reins of the Grenoble company. 


Albert-Victor Raymond

The fighter
A man of commitment, he would steer the business during the years of occupation without renouncing its ideals. The economic prosperity of the 50s and 60s turns the "Maison Raymond" into a solid business.