Alain Raymond

The reformer


Alain Raymond is appointed co-manager alongside his father Albert-Victor Raymond


New patents

New plastic injection molding products for automobiles and the textile industry. Arrival of automatic machines for attaching press-studs, eyelets and rivets. Diversification starts with a range of fasteners for the building industry and shipyards.


The international dimension

The company's expansion into the automobile market has led it to internationalize. It sets up in Spain where RENAULT has an assembly site, then in Italy to be near FIAT in 1980.


Jean-Charles Camenisch

Jean-Charles Camenisch succeeds Jean Perrochat at the head of A.Raymond in Germany.


Gabriel Geeraert, Alain Raymond
and Jean-Charles Camenisch

1979, death of Albert-Victor Raymond. Gabriel Geeraert is appointed co-manager. In 1980, the German factory turns independent and becomes A.Raymond GmbH & Co.  KG.
In 1985, Jean-Charles Camenisch is appointed third manager of the A.Raymond Group


A.Raymond SARL (France) accesses the mass market with its subsidiary RAYFIX


The press-stud celebrates its 100th anniversary

The A.Raymond Group has become the European leader
in clip fastenings through constant innovation and adapting
to changes in the marketplace. The "regular" products
which launched ARaymondT™ still account for 10%
of global business. 


Antoine Raymond

Alain Raymond's eldest son enters the family business: he joins the sales division in Germany and then the marketing division in France.


New expertise:
the fluid connector

With its mastery in plastic injection, the A.Raymond Group launches a first generation of connectors for automotive
fuel systems.


Albert Raymond

Alain Raymond's second son, an engineer, joins the family business in turn. He is appointed Manager of the Connectors Research Unit, in charge of the design and industrialization of low- and high-pressure connectors.


Pascal Destremau

Appointed co-manager alongside Alain Raymond and
Antoine Raymond, he takes charge of the Group's financial and industrial section. The automobile sector now accounts for 85% of business.


Fashion accessories

The traditional business must tackle globalization, but the leading French fashion brands put their faith in ARaymond™.


A passion for fastening

Innovative assembly and connecting solutions are developed for the automobile industry, such as anti-noise fastenings (AR-Bag®), windshield washer nozzles, high-pressure connectors, etc.


The end of an era

Globalization and the relocation of textile production mark the end of the press-stud and an economic cycle. Having to end this traditional business is painful for the managers and the employees, but no-one will be laid off as staff will be redirected to other services in the company.
The Group employs 2,200 people.

Alain Raymond retires.


Antoine Raymond

The unifier
He places people at the heart of the business. Antoine Raymond brings the ARaymond Network into the era of multicultural collaboration and the sharing of expertise.
Always to provide customer service.