Albert-Victor Raymond

The fighter


The war years

In 1943, the German occupation tries to force
Albert-Victor Raymond to produce war items for its army. There then begins a "slow race" and he does not produce a thing right up to the Liberation! 


France and Germany:
two different markets

The textile and leather industries are the main markets of the Grenoble factory which employs 700 people. In Germany, it is already working for the recovering automobile market.
The Lörrach factory employs 130 people.


The start of plastic injection

The A.Raymond firms are among the first in Europe to become equipped with injection molding machines, a strategy which enables them to position themselves very early on as leaders in the manufacture of injected plastic fastenings.


Arrival of Alain Raymond

Joins the family business at the age of 26,
alongside his father Albert-Victor Raymond.


Heading towards modernity

Instigated by Alain Raymond, significant reforms take place, such as analytical accounting, data processing, production management and new technology (hardening techniques, surface treatment, water decontamination).
Creation of the French and German Research Units.


Alain Raymond

The reformer
A wind of change blows with the arrival of Alain Raymond. Modernization and global success turn the family business into an international group, the leader in Europe and third in the world for clip fasteners.