Antoine Raymond

The unifier


The partnership of two leaders

Two European leaders in technical fastenings go into partnership to create the joint venture FACIL & Cie G.V.C. This partnership is able to come about through the determination of Antoine Raymond and Francesc Farras (A.Raymond Group), and Stephan Burgholte (Kamax Group). In 2000, FACIL becomes the exclusive supplier of all the fastenings on the new Ford Mondeo. The FULL SERVICE PROVIDER concept is a world first in the automobile industry for a large-series model. 


Global expertise

It is now essential to offer its customers more services.
The Research Units develop solutions which include the product and the process, so cutting assembly costs on the automobile assembly lines: structural bonding, automation by the continuous attachment of fastenings...  


Alain-François Raymond

Alain Raymond's youngest son joins A.Raymond SARL after 10 years' experience in mass distribution. He takes over as manager of Rayfix, then the joint venture Raywal created with the Dutch group Walraven (2006-2011), for the distribution of fastenings to professionals in the building industry. 


140 years already!

The company celebrates its 140th anniversary and opens the ARaymond Museum of Fastenings and
Innovation in Grenoble.


The ARaymond Network is born

The company has expanded throughout the world and
a common approach must be defined. Antoine Raymond launches the first global strategic plan confirming the policy
of financial independence and man's place at the heart 
of the business. 


ARaymond™ opens up to new sectors

Alain-François Raymond creates the "New Business" service for the INDUSTRIAL, ENERGIES, AGRICULTURE
and LIFE markets.


Welcome to Tinnerman!

The ARaymond Network acquires Tinnerman, an American company specializing in fastening systems for automobiles and industry. It is a decisive step in ARaymond's™ expansion into the North American market, and a great moment in the life of the ARaymond Network, which welcomes
600 new employees. 


Collaborate to innovate

Innovation is still a priority.
Inauguration of the Center of Expertise at St-Louis (France),
run by Hans-Juergen Lesser, which brings together
engineers and designers from the ARaymond Network. 



The ARaymond Network and Radiall sign an agreement on the founding of a joint venture, Raydiall, dedicated exclusively to the passive and interconnecting component market, for the automobile market.


Automotive and Truck

ARaymond™ strengthens its position on the industrial vehicles market.


Jean-Yves Renoux and Antoine Raymond

Jean-Yves Renoux is appointed vice president alongside Antoine Raymond:
"I share Antoine's ambition for a collaborative Network." Trained at the school of the large car manufacturer groups, Jean-Yves Renoux joins the Network in 1998 to work in the French company's sales division, then in 2005 becomes chairman of the Chinese company.
From 2008 to 2013 he carries out the duties of Business Development Officer Automotive.   

A multicultural Network.
5,500 people, 22 nationalities.

Interaction between countries creates wealth on a human level and added value for our customers.
  • 1865 FRANCE
  • 1898 GERMANY
  • 1972 SPAIN
  • 1980 ITALY
  • 1987 USA
  • 1996 BRAZIL, CHINA
  • 1997 JAPAN
  • 2005 TURKEY
  • 2006 SOUTH KOREA
  • 2007 INDIA, RUSSIA
  • 2009 USA. CANADA
  • 2010 MOROCCO
  • 2011 SINGAPORE
  • 2012 MEXICO