Editorial by Antoine Raymond

In 1865, Albert-Pierre Raymond and his partners laid the cornerstone of the Maison Raymond. As we celebrate 150 years of history, I am delighted to invite you to discover this extraordinary entrepreneurial, human and industrial adventure. 150 years of passion, daring and innovation that transformed the small family factory into an international network, and one of the worldwide leaders in industrial assembly solutions.

While the echoes of a tough economic climate ring out all around us, we wanted to share with you the exceptional worldwide success of a French business. A business which, since it was created in the late 19th century, has been built up and developed on a founding motto still relevant today - innovate, protect innovation with patents, industrialize and internationalize.

And finally, because the greatest successes start out as human adventures  filled with passion, commitment and team spirit, we wanted to pay tribute to all those who today, as in the past, lie at the heart of this extraordinary industrial saga. Everywhere in the world, men and women passionate about their work combine their talents to continue to write the wonderful history of ARaymond™. And they have our heartfelt thanks!

Antoine Raymond