ARaymond* birthday party is icing on the cake

 French fastener supplier’s historic milestone celebrated by Italian operating company

Antoine Raymond cut ARaymond birthday cake

The Palace of Venaria was the grand setting for a celebration hosted by ARaymond Italy** to mark the 150th anniversary of the ARaymond Network, a leading supplier of fastening and assembly solutions to the global automotive market.

 Around 400 employees and customers attended the event at the former royal residence near Turin. The evening in May featured a performance by a choir of lyric singers and the cutting of a birthday cake by CEO Antoine Raymond.

 The ARaymond plant in Italy produces automotive fasteners, clips and other components, out of both metal and plastic, for car and truck manufacturers.

 For further information about ARaymond and the history of the company, visit (corporate website) and (150 anniversary website)

ARaymond Network celebrated 150th anniversary in Italy

 *ARaymond, ARaymond Network means in this article a network of independent companies
**ARaymond Italy, AR Italy means in this article A RAYMOND ITALIANA S.r.l. - Strada Complanare n. 26 - 13040 Carisio (Vercelli) - ITALY (Registered N°: Vercelli 142057) that is a member of the ARaymond Network