Employees get their kicks at ARaymond* birthday party

French fastener company’s historic milestone celebrated by Asian subsidiary

Employees of ARaymond Singapore** gathered together in Bangkok in February to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the ARaymond Network, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fastening and assembly solutions to the automotive industry.

 After attending a traditional Buddhist ceremony, performed by nine monks, the AR Singapore team enjoyed a lesson in Thailand’s national sport – Thai boxing!

 For further information about ARaymond and the history of the company, visit (corporate website) and (150 anniversary website)

ARaymond Network celebrated 150th anniversary in Singapore

*ARaymond, ARaymond Network means in this article a network of independent companies
**ARaymond Singapore, AR Singapore means in this article A. RAYMOND SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. -  Legal address - 25 North Bridge Road - EFG Bank Building #08-01 - Singapore 179104 (Registered N°: 201101219D) that is a member of the ARaymond Network