ARaymond* full of the joys of spring in China

French fastener company historic milestone celebrated by Chinese subsidiary

The employees of ARaymond China are congratulated by the management team

In February ARaymond China** became the first organisation within the ARaymond Network to officially celebrate the 150thanniversary of the founding of the Network, a worldwide leader in fastening and assembly solutions for the automotive industry.

 The employees of AR China hosted a party, attended by nearly 500 people, to coincide with Chinese New Year celebrations, also known as the Spring Festival.

 ARaymond has been present in China since 1996. From its base located to the north-west of Shanghai, it supplies local original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a comprehensive range of automotive connectors and fasteners.

 For further information about ARaymond and the history of the company, visit (corporate website) and (150 anniversary website)

Five hundred people attended the ARaymond's 150thanniversary in China

 *ARaymond, ARaymond Network means in this article a network of independent companies
**ARaymond China, AR China means in this article A. RAYMOND AUTOMOTIVE FASTENERS (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd - 19 Wei Si Road Ding Mao - New Area - Zhenjiang 212009 - Jiang Su - P.R CHINA - (Registered N°: 321191400000010) that is a member of the ARaymond Network