ARaymond* birthday celebration is a family affair

ARaymond™ historic anniversary was marked with giant party for employees and relatives in Germany
Araymond's executive team celebrating the anniversary in Germany

A huge party was held in Germany for more than 3,200 people to celebrate the 150th birthday of the ARaymond Network**, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of fastening and assembly solutions to the automotive industry.

The celebration at Weil am Rhein was attended by the entire work force of ARaymond Germany and their families. The special guests included Antoine Raymond, CEO, François Raymond, General Manager, Jean-Yves Renoux, Vice-President, and former president Alain Raymond.

Musical entertainment at the party was provided by the company’s in-house band, Chnopfi, whose members include Jürgen Trefzer, CEO of ARaymond Germany.

ARaymond, founded in Grenoble in 1865, has been operating in Germany since 1898, making it the company oldest branch outside France. A new €50 million state-of-the-art plant at Weil am Rhein, the largest single investment ever made by ARaymond, is due to commence full production in early 2016.

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A huge banner set up for the anniversary

*ARaymond, ARaymond Germany means in this article A. RAYMOND GmbH & Co. KG - Teichstrasse 57 - 79539 Lörrach - GERMANY (Registered N°: Freiburg i.Br. HRA 411117) that is a member of the ARaymond Network** ARaymond Network, Network means in this article a network of companieswhich have a license of use of ARAYMOND™