ARaymond 150th birthday celebrations finish in proud style

Dazzling party for nearly 1,500 people held in France to mark anniversary of the ARaymond Network* establishment in 1865
Dancing, magic and entertainment acts for ARaymond

The year-long celebrations to commemorate the 150th birthday of ARaymond, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive connectors and fasteners, culminated in a spectacular climax in October.

Around 1,400 employees from all the ARaymond companies in France gathered together in Grenoble, the location of the Network global headquarters, for an unforgettable evening made up of dancing, magic and entertainment acts, speeches and videos.

Marie Dubois, from Rayconnect Laboratory, one of the employees who attended the event, said afterwards: “It was an unforgettable night. We are very proud of working for ARaymond and got very emotional when we saw all the generations come together to celebrate the success of the company.

Over the last 12 months, more than 5,500 employees of ARaymond, plus customers and suppliers, have attended special events held in 13 countries to honor the unique heritage of the family-owned company, its record of innovation and diversification, and its achievements in the automotive sector and other industries.

All the events were attended by CEO Antoine Raymond, great-great-grandson of Albert-Pierre Raymond, the ARaymond Network founder, who thanked the workforce in each country for their contribution to the growth of the Network.

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The place in Grenoble for the 150th anniversary even

* “ARaymond Network”, “ARaymond” means in this article a network of companies (“companies”) listed to the following link