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Everyone is ‘happi’ at ARaymond* in Japan

French fastener company’s historic milestone celebrated by Japanese subsidiary

ARaymond Network 150th anniversary

ARaymond Japan** held a formal Japanese dinner in March to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the ARaymond Network, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fastening solutions to the automotive industry.

 Employees enjoyed a meal of sushi and wore happi coats, which are traditionally worn in Japan at corporate events to aid team building.

 Two days after the dinner employees of AR Japan made a visit to the shrine at Meiji Gingu, one of the most sacred sites in Tokyo, where they said special prayers for the continued prosperity of the company.

 AR Japan has recently opened a new state-of-the-art production plant, increasing its capacity to supply fastening solutions such as quick connectors.

 For further information about ARaymond and the history of the company, visit (corporate website) and (150 anniversary website)

ARaymond Network celebrated 150th anniversary in Japan

 *ARaymond, ARaymond Network means in this article a network of independent companies
**ARaymond Japan, AR Japan means in this article A RAYMOND JAPAN Co., Ltd. - 86-8, Soya, Hadano-shi - Kanagawa 257-0031 - JAPAN (Registered N°: 0210-01-020666) that is a member of the ARaymond Network